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Why You Should Delete Your Social Media

Social media websites are the worst places to spend your time. Social media - especially Facebook - will eat up your time and energy, and...

Live Life on Your Own Terms: Making Good Decisions Part 2

This article has been continued from Part 1: Dealing with people who “disapprove”. Hopefully, by now you have realized that you are an independent human...

Live Life on Your Own Terms: Dealing with people who “disapprove” Part 1

Someone contacted me on Twitter with a common problem faced by anyone who's trying to live life on their own terms. Reworded for clarity, the...
Decoy Effect

The Decoy Effect: The Trick Used to Manipulate You Into Buying The Large Fries

The decoy effect is a cognitive bias exploited by companies all around the world to trick you into spending more. It's so prevalent, that if...

The 80/20 rule: Use the Pareto Principle to dramatically improve everything

Ever had so much to do and so much to handle that you wished you had some time for yourself just once? I've been...

Fixing your body should be priority #1

The most important thing a man (or woman) has is his health. No one wants to be with the fat chubby man, and fat girls...

Obstacles Exist Only in Your Mind – How to be a Go Getter

Many people suffer from the "oh-but-there's-too-many-things-in-the-way" mindset. They can't accomplish anything because of "obstacles" - they think that everyone is out to get them, someone...

The Art of The Doer – How to Get Things Done

Have you always been lazy? Do you struggle to get things done? Do you procrastinate on important tasks day after day, and end up...

The Power of Compound Interest

This article is about the greatest force known to man: Compound Interest. Simply put - compound interest means that returns accrue on principal as well as...

How You Can Get Ahead Of Others

This post is going to be about how to get ahead - in all facets of life - be it money, relationships, play, personality,...

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