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Dealing With Back Pain and Back Injuries


I’ve seen several people discuss back pain and back injury on the LMM telegram group, bringing back some very unpleasant memories – I’ve had several back injuries, including one that rendered me unable to walk properly for a few days.

There’s a ton of bad advice out there regarding dealing with back injuries, and much of the bad advice includes things like “don’t squat, don’t deadlift, sit on your ass like a cripple” – when in reality, the best way to fix your back is by strengthening your back, and to do that, you must squat and deadlift.

If you have back pain, watch these two videos (I promise they’re worth your time):

The Back Pain Episode | Starting Strength Radio #9

Back Injuries with Mac Ward | Starting Strength Podcast

Get a copy of starting strength, read the book to learn the form, and get under a barbell. Start from a light weight and go up every workout.

Your back will get better as it gets stronger. It worked for me.

The other thing that really helped me was buying an ergonomic chair.

Earlier, I was using a regular gaming chair, and my back would hurt after sitting on it for even 30 minutes. I would find myself squirming and adjusting my seat to feel comfortable.

I invested in a Herman Miller Aeron Chair and it’s been one of the best purchases I’ve made. It’s a very expensive chair, but it’s designed well and I can sit on it for hours without my back bothering me.

If you can afford it and you have back pain that bothers you at work, it’s worth giving the expensive office chairs a shot.

Hope this helps!

– Harsh

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