Live Intentionally is a 90-day self-project that aims to help you achieve your potential by giving you all the tools you need to become a strong, calm, and purposeful individual.

It lays out everything you need to get in control of your life by working on your thought patterns, self-understanding, emotional control, discipline, self-control, and mindset, and helps you find purpose and direction in your life by stripping away layers of “social acceptance” that society forced on your true self over years and decades.

Everything in Live Intentionally is synergistic – the self-project is designed in a way that each exercise, routine, and habit builds upon or enhances the others, thus making the overall project not only more effective but also easier to implement and manage.

With that said, it is up to YOU to implement the project. You cannot just read this book and hope to get anything out of it if you never take action. Action is paramount to any significant endeavor, and taking action is what this self-project is all about.

Live Intentionally is a FRAMEWORK that will help you:

1) Understand your past and what you want out of life:

There can be no living intentionally if you do not know who you really are. Your understanding of your past is clouded by societal expectations, value-judgment (both by yourself and others), and repressed emotions over tragic events (you look back over past events and feel overwhelmed with emotion).

The project contains several self-introspection exercises that will help you understand and draw conclusions from your past and help you figure out your *real* desires, which will give you an overall direction in life.

Knowing who you are + Knowing where you want to be + Will and Momentum to get there = Direction and Purpose

You will “find yourself” (not the bullshit hippie version – but real self-introspection that needs time, analysis, and effort), and you will learn to take control over your mental narrative, instead of having it handed to you by others.

2) Become free from things that are scientifically engineered to be highly addictive:

You will finally break away from social media, TV, movies, news, junk food, porn, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. that are literally consuming your life by burning your life away for the bottom line of some corporation.

These are not easy to quit, after all, scientists are hired to work every day to make them more addictive (anyone who has tried to free themselves knows this).

However, Live Intentionally will help you break free by helping you spot patterns in your cravings and manipulate those patterns to make the task of finally quitting these substances much easier. We will also introduce habits that will make cravings easier to manage. We will also work to make our minds more stable so these cravings are fewer and less intense.

3) Get control over your mind’s inner voice:

Live Intentionally will teach you to think intentionally.

You will train yourself to think in a way that you see opportunity and solutions, instead of problems and problems. You will learn to make your inner voice friendly, optimistic, and encouraging. You will change HOW AND WHAT you think, and that will literally change your life because everything you can and cannot do is a product of how and what you think.

4) You will become more disciplined:

You will have much a stronger willpower and a much more stable mind. You will finally get rid of that procrastination disease where you waste all of your time and rush to do things at the last minute.

You will become more organized and planned, and you will learn to get much more out of your time than you currently do.

Never again will you be disappointed that you wasted another day.

The self-project contains several new habits that you must implement for 90 days that will teach you to be more consistent, and really cement in the principles contained in this book.

5) You will lose fat and gain muscle:

I have incorporated a fat loss guide right into this self-project. It contains timeless, easy to apply principles that you will be following for the duration of this project (and trust me: this incorporated fat loss guide is the ONLY guide you’ll need).

You WILL lose the extra fat, and additionally, the exercise routine in the book will help you add some much-needed muscle. (Yes, it will improve your looks and presentation.)

And most importantly,


You will assign to yourself and work on a MISSION that will help you further your life goals.

You will learn to harness your sexual energy via sexual transmutation and you will direct it to productive endeavors that get your closer to where you want to be.

You will do this consistently, and when combined with all the other parts of this self-project (as mentioned above and then some) – you will become a man (or woman) of substance – someone who everyone looks up to – a force of nature.

All in, it will take approximately 90 days of cold, hard effort. However, if you put in your 90 days, there one thing I can guarantee you:

This book WILL change your life

There is NO way, NO WAY, that you’re the same person after you do this self-project. EVERYTHING about you will change: your energy levels, your self-confidence, your self-understanding, the way your body looks, the way you thinkliterally every aspect of your life will see massive improvement.

Buy Live Intentionally Now – $19.99

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: In fact, I am so confident that Live Intentionally will change your life that if you feel it is not helping you, just shoot me an email within 30 days, and I will fully refund your purchase – no questions asked. If my work doesn’t help you, I don’t want your money.

So let me ask you a question:

What you will receive with this self-project: With this purchase, you will receive the complete Live Intentionally pdf self-project and:

  1. A workbook to help you track your progress
  2. A guide to fat loss (built into the program)

Buy Live Intentionally Now – $19.99


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