How to Find Time to Workout on a Crazy-Busy Schedule

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From the desk of Harsh Strongman
Subj: How to fit exercise into a busy schedule

It can be challenging to find time to exercise and lift when you have a lot of other responsibilities to attend to.

This article is not meant for people who can’t find time to workout because they are busy with TV and video games or just too lazy to get their butts to the gym. This article is meant for people with real responsibilities who struggle to find time despite it being a priority i.e. situations like:

  • You’re a single parent
  • You have a newborn baby or a toddler
  • You work in a high-stress job (80 hours a week)

We’re not talking about lazy 19-year-olds where the issue is simply bad priorities. If the issue is bad priorities, you need to fix that first. The issue we’re talking about is a genuine shortage of time.

How much time does a training session take?

Let’s figure out how much time we need to find.

A decent training session takes about 1.5 to 2 hours in the gym. We’re not talking about “quick workouts”, we’re talking about strength training with heavy weights.

The average training session is close to 2 hours. Add getting ready, driving to the gym, driving back home, and taking a shower to it, and you’re looking at 3 hours total time needed.

How do you find 3 hours to train?

You train early in the morning.

Wake up early.

Wake up at 5 am if you need to, and get to the gym first thing in the morning.

There are no distractions at all in the morning – the kids are asleep, your job hasn’t started yet, and there’s nothing to hold you back.

Get done with your workout and shower by 8 am and then you can begin your day.

This is the only sustainable way to get time to train if you have a lot of other responsibilities that eat up your time.

You cannot train in the evening because when you have long days every day, there’s just not enough energy and motivation to go to the gym.

When you schedule your workout in the evening, you’re much more likely to miss a session to a tiresome day. You will not have this problem when you workout in the morning.

Just wake up at 5 and finish your workout first thing in the morning. You don’t need to shower before you workout in the morning, so you save time too.

Make sure you sleep early.

When you get home from work in the evening, get done with your day, and go to bed by 9 pm, otherwise you can’t get 8 hours of sleep.

After a long day, most people waste the nighttime anyway – be it by just lying around, watching TV or YouTube, or whatever way they use to “relax the mind“.

This night time being wasted needs to be used for sleeping (to get 8 hours) if you want to train in the morning for the long run.

That’s really it. Most busy people train in the morning, simply because it’s the only way that they can train consistently without something coming up that makes them miss their workout.

There are no meetings, no random work calls, no children to manage, and no dates at 5 am in the morning.

It’s time you have for yourself. Use it to train.

Pro tip: If you have space and some cash to spare, you can build yourself a cheap home gym so you don’t need to spend time driving up and down to and from the gym. You will also never need to wait for equipment.

Hope this helps.

Your Man,

Harsh Strongman

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