Do You Need Support? (And How to Get It)

Do You Need Support? (And How to Get It)

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Every once in a while you hear someone complain about the things they could achieve if only they had “support” and if people “believed in them”.

This post will be some tough love and a reality check.

First of all – you are not owed support from anyone.

You are an adult and a regular citizen like everyone else – you are not special. You are not a special snowflake so stop expecting people to “support” you or “believe in you”.

Unless you have a past demonstrated history of successes, why do you expect people to “believe” in you?

Every second idiot has a “business idea” and wants to “build an app”.

Do you support them with your time and money? Why not? Because why would you.

We’ve come to a point where people are so entitled that they expect support from people without demonstrating that they are deserving of support and so disconnected from reality that they think their lack of success comes from a lack of support from others.

Look – you are just starting out. You do not need support from anyone but yourself.

You are not Elon Musk who needs the help of hundreds engineers, politicians, and investors to send rockets to space.

You are a guy who’s just starting to build your empire – you alone are enough.

You need to hustle and work hard. Put in the time. Work 16 hours a day and take every opportunity you can get.

A man at the beginning of his journey does not need support, he needs balls.

Don’t expect your family, friends, or anyone else to cheer you on – this is your journey and something that you must start yourself.

If you don’t have money and have to work a job, then start your business in the time you have after work. Wake up at 5 and go to the gym.

Neither of these requires support – all they require is grit.

You need to make it.

How to Get Support and Help

Here’s the trick: It almost always comes to you.

People will support you when you are already successful.

If you’re on a winning streak, people will “believe in you”.

This is the reality of life.

As you work hard and get successful, you will automatically get support.

You will make friends who will cheer you on, investors will find you and want to fund you (or will be much more receptive to you), and there will be few doubters.

Everyone wants to get behind the successful and no one wants to get behind the not-successful.

If you had to invest your money, would you invest it in a company that makes no money or a profitable company – all else being equal? You will invest it in the profitable company of course.

In Conclusion

Stop begging for support and put in the work.

No one gives a fuck about you. You are not special. People do not particularly care about you.

You are not the main character in their life and you are not the greatest thing since sliced chicken breast.

Make yourself successful without support. People in worse situations than you have done it so there are no excuses.

We are Men. We are success objects. Success gives us our value. Unlike women who are prized for their beauty and purity and are born with both of those – we are born with NOTHING and have to achieve everything.

Most people expecting support from their family and friends before they have given anyone a reason to support them (e.g. a history of successes) have watched too many sitcoms and think they are the central character in everyone’s life.

They think everyone is always thinking of them and considers them special.

Reality is teaching them that real life is not a sitcom.

It’s highly unlikely that you will have support before you are successful.

In fact, your family is the least likely to support you. They care about you too much to allow you to take risks. They’ll always ask you to stick to the beaten path, get a job, and do risk-free things so you can live a well off but uneventful life.

It is up to you to do what is best for you and NOT stick to the beaten path – even if it’s highly risky. Just make sure that the risk is calculated and wise.

When you win, you will have lots of support (if you still care about it then).

Hope this helps.

Harsh Strongman

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