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Q&A #2 (Part 2): Addiction, Free Will, Sexual Transmutation (LMM Podcast #3)


This is the second part of the second Q&A session we’ve had!

You can find Q&A #1 here.

In this part of Q&A #2, I’ve taken up questions that were related to Addiction (weed, cigarettes, masturbation), Free Will, and Sexual Transmutation.

Q&A #2 Part 1 covered questions related to Investing, Finances, Skill Sets, Purpose, and Networking.

Q1: Do you believe in free will?

Answered at 00:08

Q2: How to get out of a cycle of loneliness and weed smoking? I’m 23 going on 24, I have been smoking a lot of weed in the past and have only stoner friends. I feel like I can’t meet new people, is it impossible at 23 to change that? Need some pointers to help guide me. 


I’m hooked on cigarettes for 2 years now. I’m smoking a pack of Marlboro everyday. It’s killing me from inside. 2 months ago I coughed up blood. I tried to quit but I always go back to smoking. I am just 21, I really have fucked up my life. I don’t know how to get rid of it. How can I quit?

Answered at 05:07

Books Referenced: The Power of Habit (India, UK, USA)

Q3: How to stop the habit of masturbation? 

Answered at 12:47

Q4: I’ve noticed you’re against usage of pornography. I’m agreeing here as it shows no benefits and is addictive. Speaking of masturbation, how can a man use masturbation for its benefits only? I’ve read about semen-retention and sexual-transmutation. Interesting topics, I would love to hear some words about that stuff.

Answered at 14:12

Books referenced: Think and Grow Rich (India, UKUSA )

This concludes Q&A #2. Feel free to ask additional questions in the comments.

The next Q&A will be held in August, 2019.

Hope this helps.

Your Man,

Harsh Strongman

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