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Q&A #2 (Part 1): Investing, Finances, Skill Sets, Purpose, Networking (LMM Podcast #2)


This is the first part of the second Q&A session we’ve had!

You can find Q&A #1 here.

In this part of Q&A #2, I’ve taken up questions that were related to Investing, Finances, Skill Sets, Purpose, and Networking.

Part 2 will answer the remaining questions that weren’t covered in this part.

Q1: I want to become a world-class speaker & networker. I can talk to people and engage them 1 on 1 but with groups, I’m a mess. If you could give someone like me one piece of advice to help free me from the psychological feedback loop of fear and anxiety, what would it be?

Answered at 00:10

Q2: Just want to ask about your take on focusing on an area of expertise vs learning various skills. Is there a learning process you recommend?

Answered at 04:35

Q3: I would like to know your opinion about scalping / day trading as a way to have an extra income? I’ve done several courses but I think I’m losing money and time.

Answered at 06:53

Q4: When you co-operate with people you do not know personally, do you have any tests or tricks to weed out the rent-seekers and scam artists?

Answered at 08:25

Q5: What are the few things you would tell a guy who is trying to get things done and achieve something of his own by his own but has had a few rough years (getting dumped by the girl i was doing everything for, flunking out of engineering in 3rd year). I was an alcoholic and a weed addict but I am clean now.

Answered at 09:47

Q6: I don’t buy the ‘follow your passion and the money will come’ idea, but how does one find something to pursue and master if there’s no interest in it? Similarly, if one doesn’t have any passions or skills, how can one go about choosing a path to pursue ?

Answered at 13:35

Article linked: How to Find Your Purpose

Q7: How to find one’s calling? I am trying to do that for last 13-14 months but struggling to. I am good in programming but it gets boring after some time so I think that’s not my calling. I have an interest in finance, entrepreneurship, teaching but it’s not a high level of interest that I can do it full time and leave everything else. You can say combine all fields – programming, finance, entrepreneurship, etc but then I don’t understand which job/task is the combination of them all.

Answered at 15:03

Q8: I have a degree in Finance & live in South Africa. I’m always confused between these 2 asset classes: real estate or shares. I currently invest in both but they often say to excel in something one needs to focus on one thing only.

Answered at 16:49

Also hear part 2: Addiction, Free Will, Sexual Transmutation.

Hope this helps.

Your Man,

Harsh Strongman

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