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How to Grow a Twitter Account: The Hypefury Presents Podcast Interviews Life Math Money


Update: Hypefury is a dishonorable company that scammed us. Do not use them. Use Zlappo instead. They do everything Hypefury does at half the price. We strongly recommend staying away from Hypefury as their team is not trustworthy. Do not give cheaters access to your business’s social media. You have been warned.

Yannick Veys, co-founder at Hypefury interviewed Harsh Strongman (i.e., me) a couple of weeks ago, and it’s finally ready and published. We review the growth of my Twitter account from 0 to 170,000 followers in about 2 years in the podcast!

Check it out:

You can also listen to it at Apple iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts!

We talk about:

  1. Who is @lifemathmoney and How LMM started
  2. Why is there “math” in the site name
  3. Why is my content controversial instead of being politically correct like most people
  4. Disadvantages of running an anonymous blog and Twitter account
  5. Compound Interest factor of social media growth
  6. Twitter Automation and creating automated Twitter bots
  7. Why I avoid hard selling and excessive product promotions that most big accounts on Twitter keep doing
  8. My Twitter growth strategy
  9. If I started again, what would I do to grow on Twitter
  10. How to write good tweets
  11. Strategically automating Tweets for maximum reach
  12. Why I have a Gab account
  13. Twitter Rules and Terms of Service
  14. The LMM affiliate program
  15. Advice to new people trying to grow twitter
  16. The Twitter Algorithm and how to deal with it

Enjoy it and let me know what you think in the comments!

P.S. You get 3 months of Hypefury at a 99% discount (coupon code) with The Art of Twitter: A Guide to Building Your Twitter Account!

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